Our exclusive and patented in-line Skin-pass process improves shape, provides greater thickness control, produces a more desirable surface finish and eliminates internal stress memories of hot rolled sheets. LaserpressPlus® quality can improve productivity up to 30%.



Advantages for plasma and laser cutting:

  • Faster cutting: up to 30% more productivity thanks to a lower silicon content and minimised surface scale.
  • Perfect flatness.
  • Limited deformation of the cut piece.
  • Minimal burr on the cutting side.


Advantages for automatic bending, stamping and punching:

  • Excellent cold transformation due to a higher yield point
  • Flatness tolerance = maximum 3mm/m up to
    LaserpressPlus® 460
  • Refined metallurgy with narrow tolerances: exact bending and perfect reproduction piece after piece.

The modern steel processing industry requires the use of the most up-to-date technologies. Today, steel sheets should not only be stress free, but also need to have a superior degree of flatness and should be easy to handle during the cold transforming process.

In order to live up to these demands, Van Heyghen Stal Polska has developed a new quality:

LaserpressPlus®. Its fine grained structure, high yield point and guaranteed flatness tolerance of 3mm/m up to LaserpressPlus® 460 and a guaranteed flatness of ½ EN on higher tensile steels ensure that this quality can meet the harshest quality criteria. The use of our LaserpressPlus® quality can lead to a productivity gain of over 30%. LaserpressPlus® is achieved by our exclusive in line skin-pass, which eliminates all internal stress, improves shape, provides greater thickness control and produces a more desirable surface finish. Moreover, it corrects the shape of hot rolled sheets and plates, combining continuous cold reduction with corrective levelling equipment. Consequently, we can guarantee a constant and measured elongation of the full sheet thickness. This unique way of producing ensures an unchallengeable supreme result!

LaserpressPlus® exists in various qualities of hot rolled steel, pickled or unpickled, with trimmed or with mill edges.